Team 3 Group Limited utilizes a structured, yet flexible, process to set up and manage our customer’s international procurement.   Initially, T3G will work with the customer to determine potential areas of opportunity based upon cost savings, supplier rationalization, volume of movement, ease of entry, exposure to claims or issue, and overall category strength for the customer.  T3G provides our customers with multiple world class options for products by category including a features and benefits analysis of each choice.  T3G then facilitates the customer’s evaluation of the cost/benefit of each choice and once the customer has chosen a facility(s) T3G sends in our team of experts to audit the factory.  This audit is based upon the customer’s defined parameters or if the customer chooses then T3G utilizes its own very stringent measures for these audits.

Once the supplier is established and has passed the audits, it is up to the customer to define how much help they want from T3G in the actual purchasing process.  Most customers prefer for T3G to transact internationally on behalf of the customer in order to simplify the procurement process for the customer, however if the customer desires to manage this directly or utilize their own 3PL in the process then T3G is happy to work through these supply channels as well.   T3G will make sure the customers international procurement process is implemented to the customer’s satisfaction and provides the effective procurement results desired.